advancing diversity in technology

We create economic equity for young parents and women of color in STEM careers through our ENRG program.

ENRG is a unique career pipeline that combines tech training, personal development workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship. The program is set to launch early 2020.


Your future starts now

We know you are more than just a job. ENRG provides the flexibility and resources for individuals to advance while recognizing the moments that matter. Our program incorporates holistic health, self-care, civic-mindedness, and emotional agility workshops along with your technical training. Sign up to be among the first to know when our program opens or to be part of our inaugural class.


Build a community with us

We are seeking dynamic established individuals who are passionate about people and want to empower the next generation of tech employees. Through our mentorship program we will develop a strong network built on deep connections, organic mentorship and structured advising. Sign up to be among the first to know about our mentorship opportunities when the program opens.


the future of TALENT development

As an employer we know you are committed to an equitable, diverse and productive workforce. ENRG is the program that will help you reach your goal. Our approach to talent development goes beyond your traditional technical training. You will find ENRG students are not only proficient in their jobs but are also resilient; they possess the analytical and problem solving skills needed to be successful in today's work climate. Sign up now to be part of this revolutionary program when it opens.